Why Your Excuses About Travel Insurance are All Wrong

The cost of having a travel insurance policy is often disregarded for other expenses, let’s say, a new backpack or a new pair of flip flops. If you do the same thing, it is because you have reasons that may seem legitimate at first but can leave you in a rut in the end.

Alibi #1 I’m Invincible

You are optimistic and you don’t really buy into the whole Murphy’s Law concept. In your years of travelling you have not encountered any problem, so why bother, right? But can you really predict the future? Predicting next week’s weather is difficult enough. Similarly, it is difficult to anticipate a lost luggage or flight delay, or staying invincible against accidents and diseases when you travel. Travel insurance gives you coverage when unforeseen circumstances happen.

Alibi # 2 My Insurance at Home Will Have My Back

Before you go to the next it-destination thinking your domestic insurance would give you coverage, read the fine print first. In many cases, domestic health insurance and credit card policies do not offer full coverage when you are in another country. A delayed flight could result to wasting your hotel booking and land transport privileges, and there is no chance that you will get reimbursed by your domestic health insurance.

Alibi # 3 I Heard Horror Stories from People Trying to Collect from a Travel Insurance Company

It is true that travel insurance policies are not perfect, and there are some that are downright horrible. However you can easily avoid them by doing a little research and asking fellow travellers, so in case you lose your luggage in a layover flight, you do not spend your entire holiday arguing with your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Alibi #4 I Don’t Need a Travel Insurance Because I’m Not into Extreme Sports

You scoff at those adrenaline junkies you see on television while thinking that they should double up on their insurance. Given that your next trip destination is within the confines of an event hall and not in some exotic jungle, you may still need an insurance policy. Maybe life-and-death situations are out of the question but who can say you will not get mugged on your way back to the hotel after spending a nice evening at a seminar about home security?

Alibi #5 I Can Afford Hospital Bills Abroad

While it is true that there are hospitals in developing countries that have lower costs for providing medical attention, it is still not safe to rely on your own funds—unless you are a pro who knows the costs for every medical condition in all the hospitals in your travel destination, and you can include hospital stays, doctor’s consultation fees, and laboratory processes. Hospital bills can be relatively cheaper in another land besides your own, but it is not as cheap as having a witch doctor heal you with jungle leaves mixed with saliva.

Alibi #6 But I Have to Pay for the Plane Ticket and Hotel

Of course you need to pay for your flight and hotel accommodation first. But it is not advisable to hold off paying for the travel insurance until the last minute. One benefit of having a travel insurance policy is you are covered even before your flight date. With a decent travel insurance, you can cancel your trip for a good reason and get a reimbursement for all your bookings.

Having the good old travel insurance as part of your travel cost provides you with a peace of mind that you get coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances. You may not find a use for your insurance all the time, but there will come a time that you’ll need it.

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