How Useful is the Extra Cruise Travel Insurance, Really?

Cruises are the epicenter of many imaginative stories, and people who have actually spent their time on one and have had a great time win big in terms of having memories to treasure. A cruise travel insurance plan is offered as an extra cost when booking your cruise vacation. However, before getting the cruise line travel insurance, you may want to weigh your options first.

You May Not Get a Reimbursement

Reimbursement is often a part of the coverage of any insurance plan, so you think a cruise line insurance will reimburse you when you cancel your trip. Perhaps your insurance does include coverage for cancelling your trip, but it does not mean the reimbursement includes flight, accommodation, and other costs in which the cruise line is not a part of. The worst part is that the cruise line may not reimburse you with money but instead give reward credits or points.

You May Find the Coverage Lacking

You do not always get full coverage when you cancel your trip, or require medical attention or evacuation while on board. Before you let your imagination run wild, read the fine print first. For instance, a medical cost coverage may have a maximum limit, as opposed to full coverage.

Strict Policies

A cruise line may not be lenient when you cancel your trip. You may think that trip cancellation includes reasons that are not medical related, but it is not always the case. Instead of understanding your situation, an agent or representative of the cruise line may engage you in a blame game and tell you that you should have done this or done that.

Ambiguous Payment Details

A cruise line may have a website, but when you search for a web page that particularly discusses the payment information, you either find vague details or none at all. Then there are websites that direct you to a call centre to get the payment information, only for you to end up going around in circles when you make the call.

The disadvantages of getting a cruise line travel insurance as an extra to your cruise trip cost can sometimes outweigh the advantages. Having a third party policy is your best option to make sure you enjoy your own cruise trip knowing that you have a full insurance coverage.