Your Guide to Experiencing All of Brazil – Rain forests to Relaxation in Rio

Brazil for Bunnies – How to Experience Life and Culture in Brazil

The exploration of the Amazon rainforest is almost always a part of the itinerary when going to Brazil, but the country has a lot more to offer. Brazil is brimming with life and culture, from its festivals where it becomes almost irresistible to dance to the beat to cities and architecture that seem untouched by the passage of time. There is always a reason to come back for more.

Brazil Travel 101

With all the stuff happening in Brazil, it is a wonder that accommodation is very affordable. Staying in a hostel dorm room can set someone back for only 15 to 30 BRL. A private room with a a comfortable  bed is a little more than 40 BRL, while a family room in a budget hotel is about 70 to 100 BRL. A homestay room costs 30 to 50 BRL.

A meal with a few courses and a beverage in a local restaurant can add up to 14 BRL. Travellers not staying in Rio can eat for 35 BRL in a simple but nicely decorated restaurant. Weekly groceries, on the other hand, can amount to 103 BRL. Travel costs are equally cheap. Travelling by bus can cost about 10 BRL for every hour. Travelling by train is perfect for tourists as a steam train can take them through a scenic route from Sao Jao del Rei to Tiradantes, or back.

Travelling on a Budget

The peak season carries inflated prices with it, so when on a budget, tourists should not come to Brazil during Rio Carnival when prices are three times the usual, or from December to March where a swarm of tourists are in the country to escape winter. As taxi drivers often refuse to drive tourists around using a meter, it is advisable to agree on a price with the driver before getting in the cab, or take the bus otherwise.

What to Do in Brazil

Begin the Amazon exploration with a tour of the Amazonia National Park which covers 40 % of the country’s landmass. Trekking, kayaking, river tours, hiking, and birdwatching are just a few activities in the park. Of course there is the Rio Carnival celebration that beckons thousands of tourists every year. Visitors can stay in Rio de Janiero and climb up to the Corcovado to see Christ the Redeemer, visit museums after they have come down, and finally party along the beach in the night. Other things that visitors can do or see in Brazil include:

  • Fútbol
  • Dancing Capoeira
  • The Manaus Opera House
  • The Manaus Municipal Market
  • Salvador or the “capital of happiness”
  • Brasilia, known for its modernist architecture

Visitors who crave for wildlife watching should include The Pantanal in the itinerary as it holds the largest wetlands in the world and houses 11,000 animal species. What is a Brazil tour without a visit to the beautifuil beaches of Reclife. There is no better way to spend your nights than spending it in Sao Paulo, which is a city that boasts of its world class nightlife, food, and, of course, music. Brazil is a very lively and tourist-friendly country, and many who came to the country have thought of coming back for more adventures in the rainforest, the cities, the beaches, and the night life.


7 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Bali

  1. Warm Temperature Is an Understatement

Considering Bali a warm holiday destination in spite of it having a year-round temperature of 32 degrees is downplaying the island’s power to make you bathe in sweat. Due to the intense heat, it is advisable to wear cotton fabrics and flip flops when enjoy a stroll around Bali on your holiday. If you can’t stand blistering hot temperatures, you can visit Bali in the months May to July when temperature is a little cooler.

  1. Bask in Culture

In Bali you can travel back in time by viewing ancient rituals and festivals that have been well preserved to this day. The ancient temples of Bali, along with the ceremonies and sacred offerings practiced in the area, gives you a glimpse of a bygone era, and the best part is that you can see such cultural traditions anywhere in Bali.

  1. Wear a Sarong to Blend In

If you are visiting one of the temples in Bali, do not forget to wear a sarong and sash which is customary attire inside the sacred place. Buy a sarong and sash in Bali and wear them in a way that the sarong covers the area below the knee, while the sash is wrapped around the waist.

  1. You Can Afford to Drink like a Fish

You can enjoy a drinking spree without making a dent in your budget in Bali as it offers cheap beers and cocktails. The best cocktails you can find in Bali are in beach clubs, bars, and restaurants, and you are in for a surprise upon discovering how affordable they are, but before you get accustomed to the idea that Bali has the cheapest alcoholic drinks, know that drinks that are too cheap even for Bali standards may give you a nasty hangover in the morning, if not a cause to visit a hospital.

  1. Eating Nasi Goreng is an Adventure in Itself

When you eat the Indonesian fried rice, nasi goreng you may reach a conclusion that while the dish is an acquired taste, there is a certain appeal to it. You can also try other Balinese dishes that are not as unusual as the fried rice, such as the babi guling which is Indonesia’s suckling pig or sate lembat which is a mixture of crushed meat, coconut, sugar and spices

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  1. Bali Truly Has Wonderful Scenery

A five to six-hour flight from Australia to Bali is a very small price you have to pay to find picture-perfect views, such as the rice terraces. You do not have to visit the main tourist areas to see the quaint charm of Bali because the local scene itself is full of areas deserving of a painter’s attention, such as an idyllic farm where animals are seen grazing, or local plants with majestic mountains as the background.

  1. You Instantly Become a Millionaire in Bali

If you go by the rules of Indonesia’s currency, you are automatically a millionaire in Bali, as your $AU100 is equivalent to 1 million Rupiah upon conversion. It is common to see foreigners paying in millions of cash (in Rupiah) when in Bali. You are smart enough not to be surprised when hearing locals talk about what seems like large sums of money when in Bali, whether they are talking in English or you are able to understand the local language. However, it is alright to allow yourself to be happy in the knowledge that wherever you go, you have a wallet full of millions with you—as you are in Bali. Because food and beverage in Bali are cheap, you can certainly afford to be a big spender even just for a night.